From running a development agency to launching a WordPress media outlet and two very popular WordPress plugins, our journey continues as we look ahead towards the web’s future.


Building with and for the WordPress platform since 2005.

WP Mayor has been around since 2010, building a strong reputation for honest reviews and tutorials on WordPress products and services.

WP RSS Aggregator is the best RSS aggregator for WordPress, powering 60,000+ news websites, curated blogs, podcast feeds, and much more.

Spotlight Instagram Feeds is our latest venture with 40,000+ brands and creators using it for everything from Instagram galleries to link in bio pages.

The podcast has been around since 2015, starting off as a WordPress business podcast and evolving into investing and finance topics.

A new dawn

The next stage of our journey has arrived. With the evolution of the web into a platform that focuses on digital ownership, RebelCode is looking ahead to the dawn of a new age as we experiment and play around with new ideas.