Where Ambition Meets Innovation

A Diverse Portfolio & Culture

RebelCode is an ecosystem of blogs, products, communities, and podcasts designed to challenge the status quo and inspire innovation.

Operating beyond traditional boundaries, our fully remote and asynchronous structure means that our team members, scattered across various time zones globally, bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds to the table. 

This mosaic of experiences and cultures fuels our creativity and drives us to continually rethink and redefine the digital landscape.

13 Years of Ethical Growth

For over a decade, we’ve ventured beyond the digital frontier, always with our unwavering ethics as our compass.

While our ambitions have grown and our reach has expanded, our commitment to integrity, transparency, and respect remains unchanged.

Every innovation, every project, and every interaction is infused with a dedication to doing what’s right.

In this rapidly changing world, our principled approach is what sets us apart from the rest.

Working asynchronously gives us all the freedom to live life our way. Even across time zones, the team always feels connected and remains supportive. Every day is a journey of growth, trust, and collaboration.

Open Positions

Full Stack Developer

Freelance Contractor

Collaborate with our leadership team to craft and maintain plugins, transform designs to UIs, and uphold superior product standards.

Blog Manager

Freelance Contractor

We are on the lookout for a dedicated Blog Manager to steer WP Mayor’s content strategy and fortify our affiliate marketing endeavors.


Freelance Contractor

We’re seeking experienced writers for WP Mayor, specializing in crafting insightful WordPress articles, reviews, and tutorials.

I love that my drive for innovation is not just welcomed, it's expected.