React Developer

Location: Remote (ideally in Europe or North America)
40 hours per week || Starting at USD$30,000 per year

At RebelCode, we build WordPress plugins that are used by tens of thousands of people. We’re now looking to expand our team and take that number into the hundreds of thousands!

We’re working hard to make our products as user-friendly and simple to use as possible. As the React Developer in our team, you will play an integral role in making the lives of many people around the world that little bit easier and their businesses that much better.

You’ll be working alongside Miguel, our CTO, to rebuild the interface of an existing product. Aside from that, we have newer products that we are constantly improving and more in the works for the coming months, all of which you may be a part of in the future.

Interested? Here’s a summary of the role.

Required skills:

  • Proficient in React (at least 2 years of experience)
  • Proficiency with modern Javascript
  • Good knowledge of Typescript
  • Good knowledge of Redux
  • Good knowledge of modern CSS
  • Good grasp of Webpack
  • Good command of the English language

Bonus points for:

  • Having good knowledge of PHP
  • Experience with Mobx
  • Experience with PostCSS
  • Experience with SASS
  • Familiar with WordPress plugin/theme development

Why work with us?

Remote jobs, especially related to React development, are in abundance right now and we know that.

Here’s what we offer to all our team members, whether they are employees or freelancers, full-time or not.

Work from wherever you want

We mean it. Whether you’re in your apartment or somewhere on a beach, so long as you get the work done and deliver high-quality results, you can do it from wherever you want. All we ask is that you have a fast internet connection and be available for video calls or chats whenever they’re needed.

Timezones aren’t an issue

Although you may need to be around for a team call here and there, most of the time you’ll be able to work asynchronously at any time you want. If you’re a night owl, go for it. If you’re more of a morning person, that works too. Whether you’re in Europe or somewhere else around the world, we make timezones work for us by making sure that we can all be flexible and show up when it’s absolutely needed.

Learning more on the job

Working alongside Miguel will allow you to learn from him (and his many years of development experience) while he also learns from you. If there’s something that you don’t know how to do, that’s fine. We’ll help you to learn and apply it in your work. The required skills above aren’t really optional, but if you’re unsure about one or two, we’ll probably be able to make things work. The bonus skills would be great for you to know, but if not, they’re not a deal-breaker.

Your role:

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Developing React browser apps using Typescript and PostCSS modules
  • Integrating React apps with a WordPress PHP backend via a REST API
  • Create extensible and reusable systems using Typescript
  • Creating Redux stores that React components interact with
  • Configuring a Webpack build pipeline with code splitting
  • Maintaining packages on
  • Potentially converting legacy SASS into PostCSS

Aside from working alongside Miguel, you’ll also work with me (Mark), the CEO, to ensure that the projects move along smoothly. I’m typically more involved in the project management and UI/UX design aspects of our products, so we’ll be in contact from time to time, especially early on as you get adjusted to the way we work and the products we’re building.

We encourage everyone on our team to get involved in improving the company as a whole too, so if you ever see areas that we can improve in, even outside of development, I’m all ears. Our team is very open with each other and we like to constantly improve our processes to make sure everyone can work comfortably and reach their highest potential.

This position is a full-time role and it will potentially involve you in multiple projects over time, both existing and new ones.

Annual salary:

$30,000 to $36,000 depending on experience level, number of requirements met and the interview process.

Who you are:

Who you are is very important to us. Apart from your skills and experience as a React developer, we’re looking for someone who is willing to learn, is open to feedback, is willing to critique others’ work in a constructive manner, and is a reliable person. Since this is a full-time role, you must be looking for a long-term role (not project basis or short-term) in which you will become an integral part of our team.

All applications will be reviewed by the CEO and CTO, after which only the selected candidates will be contacted for a video interview.

Applications that are sent through direct messages or other mediums and not through the below form will be disregarded immediately. Individuals only, agencies need not apply.