The RebelCode Story – Genesis

In our first RebelCode blog post, we explain what RebelCode stands for - why we chose that name, and what it represents.
The RebelCode Story

Choosing a company’s name is never an easy task. In this post, we want to explain what RebelCode stands for – why we chose that name, and what it represents.

When you set about constructing a building you must always dig deep till you find solid ground, and then make sure you put in place a rock-solid foundation before you even start work on the fancy stuff that sits above ground.

By analogy, we decided to dig deep into our beliefs and life principles, as well as the work we had created during our journey, in order to come up with a name that would represent us and guide the way forward.

We’ve been working with WordPress since 2005 (the early days!) but the genesis moment for RebelCode came much later. During our WordPress journey, we had run a development agency (Isle Creative), launched a media outlet (WP Mayor), and a very popular plugin (WP RSS Aggregator). We tapped into those combined experiences when choosing the name that would encompass them and all future endeavors.

During our web agency days, we went against the status quo by promoting open-source instead of the standard closed-source CMSs that were the norm in the early 2000s. That is what originally brought us to WordPress. We took what was then a simple blogging system and pushed it to its limits in order to cover all the needs of our clients and wow them.

At WP Mayor, we had earned a reputation for radical honesty and the readiness to discuss thorny topics in the WordPress community. Readers came to the blog to find transparent reviews of products and services in the space, while on the other side, developers sought to tap into our experience.

The complexity of RSS feeds and different server setups we had to deal with when building and supporting WP RSS Aggregator demanded that we flex our coding muscles as well as develop a lot of empathy and humility while supporting our customers on a daily basis. The hundreds of five-star ratings and feedback from customers have encouraged us to keep going above and beyond and treating every customer with the utmost care and respect that they deserved.

Reflecting on our experiences and core beliefs, it was clear to us that we wanted to be different and stand out for the right reasons. There is too much noise and shallow content on the web these days, and many times it can feel like everything is being dictated by money and algorithms with little care for the humans who are the ultimate consumers of this technology.

We want to rebel against this and do our small part to put the human experience back at the forefront, by creating products that solve real needs and provide a pleasant user experience. Personal connection is the essence of life, and that is why we strive to create meaningful connections with people every day, be it at conferences, through interacting with our readers at WP Mayor, or by helping out our plugin users through our helpdesk.

At the same time, we deeply believe in technology as an enabler to human flourishing, and thus the code element in our company name is both representative of the fact that we are a technology company and a nod to the beliefs that guide us.

RebelCode represents our desire to cut through the noise and blandness and provide a refreshing take on things, as well as our propensity to think and act differently.

We will always be on the lookout for other rebels to join our cause, so if you identify with the words above and would like to join us, just hit us up, we’d love to hear from you.

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